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Know your worth and seal the deal

Why Valugram

Valugram was founded by a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, including experts in Pricing, Sales, IT Architecture, Marketing, and AI. Our goal was to address a common challenge: negotiating with customers who are solely focused on driving prices down. These customers often fail to appreciate the full value they receive for their money, and as a result, they reduce negotiations to a single variable: price.

Valugram was created to help shift customers' focus from simply buying at the lowest price to recognizing the value they receive for their money. This shift enables B2B companies to price their products and services appropriately based on the value they deliver.


With its three modules, each addressing specific needs, Valugram offers an intuitive, always-at-hand solution to any sales challenge, be it temporary or ongoing.

We render Commoditization a thing of the past.

Equip your sales teams with the right tools to effectively communicate the unique value of your portfolio. Showcase the return-on-investment for customers using visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphs that are accessible to everyone.

Use AI-powered negotiation tactics to engage in smart, value-based discussions with customers, ensuring that no potential revenue is left on the table.

Valugram bridges the gap in value selling and value pricing through its digitally enabled end-to-end platform. You can opt for the full solution or start with one module and top it up as you go and grow.


of B2B decisions are not taken, driven by decision complexity and lack of quantification of the benefits delivered.*


of buyers want to hear a value proposition early in sales cycle**


of B2B buyers state
that their latest
purchase was very
complex or difficult*

*The B2B Buying Journey
**Miller Heiman, CSO Insights Study, 2018

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