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A 360-loop between customers, Sales, and Product Marketing

Our Solution Modules

Comparison Tool

Gain valuable insights into your competition, compare features of similar solutions and present compelling arguments during the sales process that showcase your unique value.

Value Calculator

Use scenario simulation to quantify the value of potential purchases and illustrate it with easy-to-understand graphs.


Negotiation Navigator

Navigate negotiations with confidence using personalized strategies tailored to your Client's specific goals and situation to achieve successful outcomes effortlessly.

Comparison tool

Stay informed, compare products, defend your offer.  

Have your own interactive and dynamic competitive diagnostic tool to support sales argumentation. With the tap of a finger, transform cumbersome Excel datasheets into intuitive, user-friendly, and up-to-date competitor analyses and guides for salespeople. Accessible on any device. 

The Valugram Comparison tool enables you to: 

  • make product & competitive knowledge available to the entire sales force

  • gather competitive insights, and communicate these consistently and clearly

  • keep all product-related information -- that of your Company and of competitors -- in your pocket

  • identify and easily address any training needs of your sales teams

Furthermore, as feedback is key to any successful endeavor, we’ve built two ways to acquire it seamlessly, without disrupting the sales process: 

  • through our feedback collector which is intuitive and instantaneous; this enables your team members to upvote helpful content or downvote anything that may require more work by the content creators

  • by automatically receiving sentiment analytics based on NLP and our proprietary AI framework

Value Calculator

Simulate potential purchases, quantify and illustrate the value you deliver. 

Valugram’s value calculator enables you perform an ROI demonstration for your customer on the spot.

Let the numbers do the talking and the pictures do the argumentation for you. Have your own value quantifier & illustrator at hand and configure it easily for your customer. Dynamically display the tangible benefits of your solution or product offering, tailored to your client’s Elements of Value™.

Help your customers make better buying decisions more easily, by:


  • qualifying and quantifying the value delivered by your offering on the spot

  • providing a comprehensive overview of the benefits delivered

  • clearly articulating the ROI or Total Value of Ownership, in a customized dashboard, that speaks to key business stakeholders.

calc tool for site.png

The values are dynamically adjusted by the tool at PoS. 

Prepare tailored ROI and budget analyses live and create as many scenarios as you need. Export them to PDF reports and share them with customers on the spot.


Your Sales team will be nearly as excited as your customer.

Negotiation Navigator

Make a proposal, evaluate and validate it.

Customers, facing overcomplexity, tend to reduce negotiations to the simplest lever: price. Salespeople, under pressure, sell at price points below the value potential. 

Valugram is here to help salespeople make better proposals and help customers make better-informed decisions, thus generating considerably more value for both parties.

Our machine-learning-enabled sales negotiation guide will help you maximize deal outcomes, by:

  • ensuring the consistent application of the company negotiation strategy

  • tracking iterations and evaluating the proposal at every phase

  • setting an effectiveness score for each deal or scenario and facilitating negotiation rounds

  • breaking down complex negotiations into smaller and easier-to-tackle parts

In a nutshell, a sophisticated algorithm, whose parameters can be configured by your team, evaluates the economic efficiency of a prospect deal and produces a score that draws a clear picture for the negotiators.


Based on its results, the negotiators know their thresholds and which decisions they can make on the spot, speeding up the process significantly.

See Valugram in action

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