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The game changer in sales negotiations

powered by you and AI

Securing favourable terms when negotiating with customers is a universal challenge for B2B sales teams. 

Limited access to market data and lack of decision making power often hinder their ability to negotiate effectively. 

This is where Valugram comes to play.


A groundbreaking, insightful AI-powered platform brings all the necessary data to your fingertips, helping you negotiate smartly and confidently, ensuring your customers understand the true value of your product, and helping you monetise it effectively.

Why Valugram

Derek Johnson
Sales Supervisor

Our sales teams are currently dependent on specific people’s performance and capabilities instead of organizational knowledge, data & tools

Say hi to the one stop solution for the entire team

A 360-loop between Product Marketing, Sales, and Customers. 

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Commoditization is so yesterday. 
Equip your sales teams to quantify and communicate the full value of the benefits delivered to your customers. Display the return-on-investment with stunning, straightforward graphs anyone can grasp. Then, never leave a cent on the table by having AI optimise the negotiation process and help you make better proposals that lead to the desired outcome. 

At a tap on an app

The Solution

From plain Excel to a profitable Sell

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Excel. We love it, we hate it, we love to hate it.
Here is how to have your pie - pun intended - and eat it. Transform your flexible, but alas, not user friendly and non-scalable Excel spreadsheets into an engaging and interactive multi-platform app than articulates the value you bring in the most illustrative way.


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